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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Poems from my head

Sometimes the best poems come from our stream of consciousness, like this favorite of mine that I created in a writing class:

Tick tock the time is told
Hour by hour we all grow old
Withering whiskers worried to white
Casket closed, caulked up tight.

Then you have beauties like this one that pop into your head while doing laundry and they make you laugh so hard you have to write it down:

The Day Awaits with Bated Breath
I'm really glad I don't use meth.

Because really, what rhymes with breath?  Death? Seth? Yeth?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Miss Marple

"Baggage? Oh yes, my dear, all of us have baggage. But that doesn't mean we leave it in the Living Room for all to see."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Google Word of the Day: Moxibustion

So I recently started trying to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.  I say "Try" because apparently delivery to my neck of the woods (an apartment complex within city limits and on the bus line) is just too darn difficult for our local delivery drivers!  It has been a week solid and I'm still waiting.

But that's another story.

Due to the ostensible absence of the paper version of WSJ, I was forced to go online to view the current news.  Whereupon, much to my Googling delight, I came upon my Google Word of the Day:


The picture just BEGGED me to Google it - because what on earth could these birdfeeder-like boxes on these children's heads be doing?

See Cool Article Here

It is apparently an Eastern Medicine technique that involves mugwort.  Now perhaps it is my love of all fiction magical, but I always thought mugwort sounded like a really cool herb.  Of course Betty Crocker never lists it as an ingredient!  It's referenced on "Practical Magic" when Nicole Kidman's character has been beat up by her boyfriend and one of the "Aunts" says, "Come with me, we'll get some mugwort on that eye."

The Wikipedia entry on Moxibustion was really biased, focusing more on the American Cancer Society's claim that it has no benefit for cancer OR ANY OTHER MALADY.  While I would respect the ACS's stance on whether this cures cancer, I find it rather insulting (and unscientific) that they would proclaim to have empirical evidence of its inefficacy on EVERY other malady.  It is doubtful their funding would justify such research.

So.....I give you THIS link to an acupuncture-type site that describes it with a little less negative bias, but not too much apparent positive bias.  Of course, I am not recommending or dissuading ANY medicinal technique, I just find new things fascinating:

Moxibustion According to Acupuncture Today

And for those of you who like extra credit, I challenge you to yesterday's word of day:  Perspicacity!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just because...

Just because someone lets you get away with something doesn't mean they don't know exactly what you're doing.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bear with me...

I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm trying to create different tabs for different types of postings.

Look out world! 


Are blogs an adult version of show and tell?  Or an outlet for the thoughts in our head?

The Philosophy of "Parenthood"

Family: Those people you continue to love no matter how messy it gets.

(If you've never seen the show, watch it on Netflix! It's awesome. )